HD7 (Herbal Dressing 7) is a flavored Olive Oil Dressing whose main ingredient is Extra Virgin Olive Oil (min. 98%) enriched with direct Mediterranean herb extracts.

These include:

1. Origanum dictamus

2. Sideritis

3. Origanum Vulgare

4. Basilicum

5. Rosemary

Those antioxidant Mediterranean herbs are approximately 10% w/v, in the starting solution for extraction.

The extracted herbs give HD7 a lovely dark green color, an exceptional fragrance and a unique combination of Mediterranean flavors.

HD7 is 100% Vegan with organic herbs and can support an alkaline diet. Due to the patented procedure of the extraction, HD7 is rich in phytochemicals.

HD7 is a patented product since 2014, the result of a long period of trials which started in 2004.

There are no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives, no artificial taste enhancers in HD7.

hd seven olive oil

HD7 can be used as a tasty dressing on salads, bread, meat, fish, eggs, etc. or during cooking to add magnificent aromas and taste to your dishes.

For a lighter flavor preference, a mixture of the HD7 with other edible oils is possible.

HD7 can be added during cooking or frying to give the taste and aromas to your food.

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Our food lab

HD7’s food lab, est. 2021, is in Thessaloniki, Greece. It is designed to be environmental friendly and has a low energy profile, as each stage of the production line is handmade. We combine our scientific knowledge, long experience in the food field and creativity, to give value to your eating habits.

Our goal

Our wish is to keep making products that convert each ordinary dish to a unique food experience, reaping at the same time the benefits from the gifts of nature. 

Our future plans include developing a new product of the same philosophy, with extracts of spices. 

Our vision is to keep developing functional and tasty food.


We use Greek extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality (Koroneiki and Athinolia variety by Mani, Peloponnese and Koroneiki and Lucia by Chalkidiki) and organic quality greek herbs. We and our suppliers are oriented to have consistent high quality in our products, so as to respond to the most demanding needs of our clients and customers.

HD7 is bottled in 200ml and 500ml clear glass, modern designed bottles that ensure the safety of the products.

Our Awards

In a period of just two years through our participation in three exhibitions, we managed to win three awards.
percentage of participations/ awards 100%
Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards (GOOA), in 2022
Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards (GOOA), in 2020
Gourmet Exhibition's Specialist Awards, an exhibition checking the quality from greek products, in 2021
'' First taste of basil. Very nice, delicate taste. Nicely built.''