HD7 (Herbal Dressing 7) flavored Olive Oil Dressing, is based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is its’ main ingredient (min. 98%), in a direct extract from:

  1. Origanum dictamus,
  2. Sideritis,
  3. Origanum Vulgare,
  4. Basilicum and
  5. Rosemary

Those antioxidant Mediterranean herbs are approximately 10% w/v, in the starting solution for extraction.

After the integration of extraction, all the solid state particles are filtered to give us a dark green Olive Oil with exceptional fragrance and a complex – multiplicate pleasant taste. The taste and fragrance are swirl to the palate, for some time after the try out.

All the ingredients are organic.

The HD7 (Herbal Dressing 7) flavored Olive Oil Dressing is a patented product, that derived from a long period of design, original idea of 2004 with experiments at that time and measurements for the antioxidant property of the herbs to be used.

The HD7 is 100% Vegan, and can support a alkaline diet.

There are no artificial colors, neither artificial preservatives nor artificial taste enhancers in HD7 but the taste and aromas results are magnificent.


HD7 (Herbal Dressing 7) can be used “as it is” on salads, bread, meat or fish, eggs as a tasty dressing giving additional taste and aromas in your dishes or snacks.
For a lighter impact a mixture of the HD7 with other edible oils can be implemented.

HD7 can be added during cooking or frying to give the aromas and taste to your food. Due to its high value of total phenols (as tyrosol), additional positive impact to the cook may occur.

HD7 (Herbal Dressing 7) flavored Olive Oil Dressing, can be component of the food like in hamburgers or to use it for marinate the meat.

Production Facilities

The product is produced to Melitini Estate ltd, in Sparta Greece in it’s state of the art, facilities.

Thanks to...

We should be thankful to the following companies or persons, for their support and help.

  1. , SALT-PEPPER and Apostolos Papapostolou, for designing the bottle better than I could dream of and their work be the inspiration to proceed. Creative people is their motto and I agree 100%.
  2. Etherea, for the greek organic herbs that supply me.
  3. Melitini Estate ltd, ( for its state of the art, facilities - regarding GMP, and the advantage to use them.


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